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Pancha Karma, meaning five actions, is Ayurveda’s signature system for detoxifying and rejuvenating our bodies. Luxurious and in-depth purifying treatments provide the basis for health, rejuvenation and longevity. In day to day life, our body and mind accumulate toxins causing deterioration, weakening our systems and opening the door for diseases to develop.

Pancha Karma addresses the causes of imbalance and reverses their negative effects on the different body tissues by throughly eliminating the stored toxic waste. This fine tuning technique enhances energy levels, increases mental clarity, slows down the aging process and renews our sense of wellbeing. Our week long Ananda Pancha Karma program begins with an Ayurveda Consultation and evaluation of personal health history. Specific therapies, foods, herbs and oils are then selected based on the individual body type constitution. Each day begins with herbal tea and Yoga Meditation practice. Treatments that follow may include herbal colon cleansing, aromatherapy steam, skin brushing, tandem Ayurveda massage, Chakra balancing and Shirodhara.

The day begins at 8:00 am and finishes around 3:00 PM with afternoons free to rest, relax, swim, read, journal or walk on the beach. We work with just two clients a week thus providing personalized attention to every detail during the purification process. We invite you to experience a transformation with Villa Ananda’s week long Residential Pancha Karma program.

Pre-Post Pancha Karma

To ensure the effectiveness of Pancha Karma the body needs to be well prepared. The first step is to begin loosening excess toxins from the tissues. Pre-Pancha Karma or Purva Karma is begun 7-10 days prior to your arrival and requires a few easy to follow diet and lifestyle adjustments (see Purva Karma PDF for details below).

Then, during Pancha Karma specified therapies for expelling toxins are applied according to each individual. The most important aspect of this process is for you to be open to receive, release and rejuvenate. The last step is essentail for nourishing and maintaining the newly restored tissues in the body, Post Pancha Karma.

We educate you throughout the week and end with a detailed Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation to assist you in successfully continuing your journey to balanced conscious living. These three stages when properly administered bring about increased energy and vitality, strong immune response and a deep sense of peace and joy.

Every day begins with Yoga Meditation to relax the body and calm the mind in preparation for the purifying treatments. Generally the first three days involve light fasting and gentle herbal Colon Cleanse.

Body Treatments following may include Skin Brushing, Tandem Oil Massage w/ Forgiveness Ritual, Aromatherapy Chakra Annointment, Shirodhara, Aromatherapy Steam, Udwartan, Pizichili, Kutir Experience or Herbal Body Wraps.

All treatments use Aromatherapy and herbal medicated oils. We have over a hundred pure essential oils and a variety of base oils including organic sesame seed, coconut, jojoba and almond that are used to create a balancing blends. Additional treatments may be administered including Basti, Aromatherapy Inhalation, hot herbal paste on kidneys, Organic Facial.

Herbal Colon Cleanse

Gently removes accumulated toxins, tonifies and nourishes the colon using body type specific herbal tea and medicated oils. Abdominal massage and breathing techniques are done to aid in the flow of this cleansing process. It is administered with Colema board gravity system with duration of maximum 1 hour.

Tandem Skin Brushing

Skin brushing is a unique Villa Ananda indulgence, a nurturing way to begin bodywork treatments. Administered by two therapists to increase circulation and prepare skin for oil massage.

Tandem Aromatherapy Massage

Performed by two therapists working together with synchronized fluid movements. Personalized oil blend, soothing music and the sound of the ocean guide your mind and body to a place of quiet rest and deep relaxation during this exquisite experience.

Chakra Aromatherapy Anointment

Chakras are the seven energy centers along the midline of the body affecting our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. After massage treatment, seven different blends of essential oils are applied to each Chakra with a rhythmic massage technique followed by placement of colored bandana to open Chakra and support a consistent flow of energy.


Shirodhara is a continuous stream of warm oil applied gently onto the third eye area of the forehead. This soothing therapy relieves stress, improves mental clarity and creates ecstatic feelings of peace and joy. Shirodhara is administered after Tandem massage as it deeply calms the nervous system.

Aromatherapy Steam

Experience this ancient technique of applying warm medicated oils to your head and face using a gentle pressure point massage while relaxing in a steam cabinet. Sweating with added essential oils helps to eliminate toxins through the skin creating a feeling of lightness and blissful relaxation.


Pizhichili is a sumptuous treatment said to be the most beneficial for rejuvenating the nervous system and strengthening our inner fire. Warm herbal oil is continuously poured over the entire body by two therapists, using uniform movements and pressure. It is a grounding and nurturing treatment that improves body luster and beauty and promotes longevity.

Udwartan Herbal Body Glow

This luxurious treatment administered by two therapists stimulates, detoxifies and exfoliates the skin. Treatment begins with skin brushing, followed by an herbal and essential oil blend of freshly ground lavender, rose petals, cardamom and oatmeal made especially for your skin type. The dried powder is applied to entire body using rhythmic massage strokes. Herbs are brushed off and Aromatherapy body massage ends this glowing experience.

Herbal Body Wrap

Treatment begins with Aromatherapy body massage followed by cloth wrapping. The wraps are soaked in a special herbal brew of eucalyptus, rosemary, camphor, juniper berries and orange peel that is prepared the night before. Once fully wrapped, warm herbal brew is poured continuously over the body deeply tonifying and nurturing the tissues.

Kutir Experience

A transformational experience that enhances our perception, purifies the mind and renews our connection with Self. Treatment is done during day of silence inside Villa Ananda’s Kutir, an especially built meditation hut devoid of sensory stimuli creating a deep feeling of inner awareness. Experience includes Om Chanting, full body oil anointment, Body Wrap, Sound healing and Aromatherapy bath.

Ayurveda Cuisine

Food is an essential aspect of Ayurveda. By providing our bodies with nourishing foods suited to our constitution, we can maintain our health and prevent disease. At Villa Ananda, food is prepared and offered to our guests with love and gratitude for the healing it provides. Exquisite vegetarian cuisine is prepared with locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. Each day personalized herbal tea, vegetable juice, freshly made sesame milk and coconut water from our palms may be served. The first three days of Pancha Karma generally are light fasting with pureed vegetable and herb soup. Then, breakfast may include fresh mango and papaya with strawberry mint sauce, oatmeal with dates, almonds and spices or sautéed apples with raisins, pecans, fresh ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Lunch and dinner may include Kitchari (Indian dish with basmati rice, mung beans and spices), steamed vegetables with spinach sauce, sautéed zucchini with spinach and pine nuts in a coriander coconut sauce with red quinoa. Villa Ananda’s Residential Pancha Karma program places great attention on each guest providing highly customized service and personalized exquisite menú.

We invite you to experience a transformation with Villa Ananda’s week long Residential Pancha Karma program. Lodging at Villa Ananda is reserved for guests of the program only. Enjoy a suite with private bathroom, outdoor shower and patio garden area.

7 Day Ananda Royal Pancha Karma: $5000 usd 8 nights private suite lodging, 7 Days of Treatments, Food, Yoga, Transportation to and from airport.
Additional night stay available for $200.

6 Day Ananda Pancha Karma: $4500 usd 7 nights private suite lodging, 6 Days of Treatments, Food, Yoga, Transportation to and from airport.
Additional night stay available for $200.

5 Day Ananda Pancha Karma: $4000 usd 6 nights private suite lodging, 5 Days of Treatments, Food, Yoga, Transportation to and from airport.
Additional night stay available for $200.

Additional night stay may be arranged at a cost of $200 per night including Food and Yoga. 50% deposit is required upon booking and remaining 50% due 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival. Full refund is available for cancellation received 30 pays prior to your scheduled arrival.
If notice of cancellation is received within 30 days prior to arrival, 50% of deposit received may be applied to Pancha Karma services within one year of originally scheduled Pancha Karma. Remaining 50% of deposit is non-refundable.


“Thank you for the gift of release! I am revived and renewed. Pancha Karma has set me on my path again with more light, tools and words of wisdom.”
Rene, 44

“I feel so much better since my stay with you. Thanks to my good PK treatments, I have lost over 10 pounds, which I desperately needed to lose. I’m being very careful about what I eat, drinking my tea and have been doing my daily yoga. I so appreciate your warm welcome, your outstanding care of me and the chance to restore my good health in such a lovely, serene spot that you have created.”
Mary, 67
Washington D.C.

“I’ve been on trips all over the world but I’ve never been more satisfied, refreshed, moved psychologically, physically and emotionally.”
Joe, 46

“I thank you for bringing me to a place in my heart that I believed could no longer exist. I feel more open and honor all that I am.”
Michel, 36

“Thank you for the healing. I came here to heal a part of my physical self but leave here healing in many selves; mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”
Harv, 54

“What an experience, a true rebirth!”
Heidi, 31
British Columbia

“Your genuine love and care for both my daughter and I was felt with each touch and kind word. Looking forward to my new life.”
Mary, 59

“Undoubtedly the cause of our lives as individuals and together will be different because of the love, support and genuine care we have received here with you.”
Tanya, 27

“I have learned how to receive and it feels so good!”
Judy, 52

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